My name is Mike Metzler and outside of my family, most of my life revolves around Snapchat, Instagram, Influencers and Facebook Live.

Wasn’t always like that though. Once upon a time I was an fresh and eager MBA grad looking to take on the tech industry. I worked at a few video game companies and a software development company. Along the way I was given opportunity to manage a few Viners who were consistently getting contacted (and paid) by brands to create content. Now influencer marketing certainly wasn’t new, but Vine showed a whole new generation of short form content creators that it was possible to make money as a content creator. While doing this, I was able to work on the influencer side of deals with agencies like 360i, BBDO, Edelman, R/GA and brands like Samsung, ExxonMobil, Dollar Shave Club, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Mastercard, ESPN and many more.

When Snapchat released Stories I figured (being in the influencer marketing industry) I should jump on board and see what Snapchat is all about. I started using the app religiously and began drawing pictures of my Corgi in random situations using the Snapchat art tools.

I eventually built up a large following thanks to a few viral tumblr posts and articles like this.  Then I had a “Eureka” moment. I love creating content, I’m good at it, why not try to do this as a job. I began created daily content, stuff that I thought was funny, with the ultimate goal to be a professional content creator for brands.

I began reaching out to and distributing my content to everyone I could find and something happened. It freaking worked. So… here I am a few months later, working at an amazing company,  and my full time job is to create Snapchat content and craft/manage/implement influencer strategies for brands.

I now work with brands on Snapchat and social video platforms to provide the following services:

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Account Growth
  • Content Production
  • Account Launch
  • Episodic Content Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing Services
  • Snapchat Takeover Strategy

My Clients Include

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